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Real English Unit 34 - Verbs in the past and other vocabulary
Review these 23 Flashcards before watching the video. Click twice (2 times) on "Next" to begin. Click on the underlined words to listen. Finally, click on "Delete" when you are sure you know the word(s).

eat219x233.gifeat - ate

irregular verb

used in dialogues # 1 & 3
get-dressed.jpgget dressed - got dressed

get -> got: irregular verb with hundreds of meanings

used in dialogue # 7
simple-hands-on-science225x178.gifhands-on science (for children)

used in dialogue # 2
Pick-up-in-car-Mat.gifMat's girlfriend picks him up every morning to go to work. Yesterday, she picked him up.

pick up: phrasal verb, regular

used in dialogue # 7
read-red-book2-152x165.gifJohn reads a red book everyday. Yesterday, he read a red book.

irregular verb

Note that the past of "read" is pronounced like "red". Click again to listen.

used in dialogue # 5
REST-work260x156.gifrest - rested

regular verb

used in dialogues # 5 & 11
sleep-in99.GIFsleep in - slept in

to sleep until late morning, for example

used in dialogue # 4
went-to-village-walked-around.jpggo - went

The Village = Greenwich Village, residential section of the borough of Manhattan, NYC.

Beginning in 1900, Greenwich Village attracted artists and writers from all parts of the U.S.A. This trend continues today.

"went" used in dialogues # 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 14
work-out.gifwork out - worked out

phrasal verb, regular

to exercise - to practice any form of physical exercise

used in dialogue # 1
remain-cook.gifMary remained in the house and cooked.

regular verbs:
remain -> remained
cook -> cooked

used in dialogue # 6
attended-speech.jpgRebecca attended a speech

regular verb:
attend -> attended

She was present and she listened to the speech.

used in dialogue # 10
pack.gifRoberta packed her suitcase

regular verb:
pack -> packed

She put her things in her suitcase to prepare for a trip.

used in dialogue # 11
put-chair-together.gifHenry put some things together to keep the house in order.

For example, he repaired a chair and a table.

irregular verb:
put ->

used in dialogue # 6
so-did-I.gifLiz says: "I worked yesterday". Mark worked also. He says
"So did I."

So did I. = I did the same as you.

used in dialogue # 8
caught-a-cab.gifRoberta "caught a cab" to get to the airport. Note: a cab is a taxi, or "taxi cab".

irregular verb:
catch ->

used in dialogue # 11
to enroll or take on somebody as a student in a university, for example.

regular verb:
recruit -> recruited

Roberta recruited this student.

used in dialogue # 11
shrink.gifshrink (noun - slang)


used in dialogue # 14
intern.gifintern (noun)

An intern is a person who works as a low-level assistant or trainee in a job in order to gain practical experience. "Intern" is used for ANY profession, not only the medical profession. For example, Sharon started her professional career as an intern in an advertising agency.

used in dialogue # 13
account-rep.gifaccount representative (noun)

commercial agent or salesperson for a company

used in dialogue # 13
steel-company.gifsteel company (noun used as adjective + noun)

a company that makes or sells steel products

used in dialogue # 13
overachiever.gifoverachiever (noun)

a person who performs better or who is more successful than expected

used in dialogue # 14
deliver-babies.gifdeliver babies (verb + object)

This is what Richard did when he finished medical school and became a doctor (dialogue # 15).

regular verb:
deliver -> delivered
publicist (noun)

a person who is responsible for obtaining media publicity for a client

used in dialogue # 14